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WebOffice 10.4: What's New

The current WebOffice Release 10.4 is now available. Enjoy numerous benefits and new functions:

Landing Page

Various new functions allow a better customization to your corporate identity. The most important new features are:

  • Improved individual configuration for font colour, font size and font position of project and generic tiles as well as their headers
  • Colour selection based on RGB colour scheme offering more 
  • customisation possibilities
  • Support for grouping generic tiles
  • Possibility to enable / disable the client buttons on the project tiles
  • Project start from Landing Page can be done in a new browser tab
  • Display a project description via mouseover on project tile
  • Individual background picture on 4x4 sized project tiles

Core/HTML client

Visualization of time-aware layers 

Time-aware layers can now be visualized using a time slider. Select a specific date or time period and the according time-related layers will be shown in the map image.

Visualize multi-temporal layers with the time slider (bottom)

Support for snap on edges (line and polygon features)

A snap profile snaps not only vertices but also on edges of line and polygon features. In this case geometries of single and multipart objects are supported by line and polygon. Snap on edges affects the following tools in the core and html client:

  • Edit (+ Edit with construction tools)
  • Measure (+ Measure with construction tools – only in core client)
  • Coordinate search
  • Selection
  • Meeting point

Support for snap on edges

Support for spatial (topological) relationships for editing

If you have configured a reference-layer for topological assignment on an edit-layer, a restriction will be applied. These restrictions correspond to all configured edit actions in the core and html client. Attribute data can be automatically transferred from a reference layer into the editing object based on topological relationships.

Store uploaded geodata for upcoming sessions by using bookmarks

Until now, uploaded local geodata could only be used within the current WebOffice session. With WebOffice 10.4 this data can also be made available across one single WebOffice session. By activating the appropriate parameter within the WebOffice project configuration, local vector or raster data can be provided and used permanently as WebOffice states.

Mobile client

A permanent update of your mobile device position is now possible in the Mobile client. In this case, a manual update is no longer necessary after moving to a new position.

Map Widget

New MapWidget functions and improvements:

  • Coordinates return of a clickpoint in the callback
  • Queries can be linked with desired map views
  • Support for dynamic size adaption when integrating MapWidget into a responsive design application

User Management

Improvements and new functions for the WebOffice User Management:

  • Support for PostgreSQL as an User Management database
  • Support for SQLite (filebased) as an User Management database
  • Optional settings for aggregating rights and restrictions of roles 
  • Differentiation between geometric and attributive modifications via the wizard "Group Rights for Projects"

WebOffice author

Creating a Webmap out from WebOffice

WebOffice already supports the integration of ArcGIS Online services in individual WebOffice projects. Now it is also possible to publish individual map views in ArcGIS Online or Portal for ArcGIS. Thus, special WebOffice data layers can be quickly and easily converted to various apps provided by Esri:

  • ArcGIS Explorer (App, which is used to display published maps)
  • WebAppBuilder for ArcGIS (HTML/Javascript application for desktop and mobile devices)
  • AppStudio for ArcGIS (Native apps for Android and iOS)
  • Collector for ArcGIS (app for recording data from the field with spatial reference)
  • Many further apps, for instance to integrate MS Office (Esri Maps for Office)

Publish Webmaps as ArcGIS Online services


BAYSIS WebOffice goes online

Public portal for road information in Bavaria

Since last year Baysis uses WebOffice in their Intranet. Recently, an additional WebGIS portal has been launched for a public access of selected map elements.

There, users can combine the street network map with specific information such as lane width, maximum weight or traffic counts. Convince yourself, open the baysis WebPortal and learn more about the Bavarian street network! BAYSIS is supported by our Partner GEOCOM.


Wiener Netze go live with ArcFM UT

Multi-Utility Editing for Electricity- and Gas-Networks

Wiener Netze (Vienna, Austria) have started production with ArcFM UT of AED-SICAD in the branch "electricity" this January. Thus the Wiener Netze now work on 40 multi-utility editor seats not only on electricity data but also on gas data. In the future also the branch district heating will be migrated towards ArcFM UT

Integrated with SAP PM for business processes and SynerGIS WebOffice to diseminate information via Web-Technology they run an 'all-including' Informationsystem, which is completed by an ArcGIS based mobil solution (for field work).

Congratulation to the project-Team of AED-SICAD and Wiener Netze!

[Full Press-Release]

Upcoming Training Courses


Courses in English upon request

Any course can b

By default our standard training courses are offered in German (see list of upcoming trainings here).


All Esri Trainings are readily available in English and our Trainers are fully capable of lecturing in English.
If you are interested in an individual training for your company/project team at our facilities or on-site, please contact us (see below)!

Training courses for SynerGIS products in English might be held in your vicinity in the near future anyway. In case you want to be informed about when and where, leave us a message, please.

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78th EAGE Conference 2016

30.5. - 02. 6. 2016, Vienna, Austria

Oil & Gas Industry Event "Efficient Use of Technology". Esri (booth 2300) and SynerGIS (booth 2302) will be on site.



Esri User Conference 2016

27th of June - 2nd of July 2016 - San Diego, CA, USA

Learn about the most recent and future GIS developments at the Esri User Conference 2016 held from 27th of June - 2nd of July 2016 in San Diego, CA, USA.

  • Call for papers [closed]
  • Registration starts 8th of December!

GI_Forum 2016 - open : spatial : interfaces

6th. - 8th. of July 2016, Salzburg, Austria

Esri and SynerGIS support AGIT Symposium  and GI_Forum with exhibition participation, workshops and presentations.