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Story Map: A journey through Star Wars Filming Locations

Recently, Star Wars Episode 7 was released in the cinemas. A fan created a story map through all filming locations since the 70ies which are distributed over the whole world. With this Story Map you can discover the exact locations, obtain background information as well as short film scenes.

Thanks to Isabella Rojs for this great work!


WebOffice 10.3 SP2 - Whats new?

The Core client is evolving, Index plots based on feature geometry ... and more

These days you will get access to the Q4-2015 Release of WebOffice: Version 10.3 SP2! This is an introduction to the new features coming with this release:

Core/HTML/Mobile Clients

Display of GeoDB Attachments on Feature Classes or tables
With WebOffice 10.3 SP2, display of GeoDB attachments (BLOBs – Binary Large OBjects) is supported. Prerequisit: They have to be attached to feature classes or tables of a geodatabase. These attachments are stored in a separate connection table and can be opened with the core-, html- and mobile-Client.

Display of GeoDB attachments in WebOffice
Display of GeoDB attachments in WebOffice
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Core/HTML Clients

Enhancement of the 3D measurement result: Added legend and layer name
The 3D measurement function has been available in WebOffice for a while. With WebOffice 10.3 SP2, this function has been extended: With one or more raster-based elevation layers configured, it is now possible to display a small legend for the measurement graphs including the name of the layer group in addition to the already known elevation profile.

Height profile with additional legend information
Height profile with additional legend information
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Index plot based on feature geometry - straight from Search results

An innovative productivity feature is this one: Select one or more line features within the WebOffice core Client or the WebOffice html Client. Then, right-click on a line object within the result list and choose Use Feature as Index Line (A4 Portrait Index Plot) from the context menu. This is the way to generate an index print which is based on the geometry of an object.

Selection of line features and the creation of an index plot
Selection of line features and the creation of an index plot
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Define the name of a GP-service-result in the tools paramerter form

Using this feature, it is now possible to pre-define the name of the geoprocessing output parameter, which is displayed both in the table of contents as well as in the caption of single results.

Support for a map within the routing results PDF
Starting with WebOffice 10.3 SP1, it was possible to export routing results as PDFs. Just clicking the PDF button within the Routing Description box will create a PDF with a textual route description and the chosen stops. With WebOffice 10.3 SP2, a high-resolution map with the suggested route will be available within the routing-PDF. This map will be located between the header and the description of the route. The displayed preview can be saved as a PDF-document or printed.

Create PDFs with route description plus map
Create PDFs with route description plus map
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Core Client

The WebOffice Core-Client is getting more elaborate with WebOffice 10.3 SP2. Well-known functionalities of the HTML-Client like Free Labeling or the support for ESRI Print can now also be used within the Core-Client.

Free Labeling
The tool Free Labeling supports labeling of point-, line- and polygon-Features with their attributes, defined within the restricted search result view.

Userdefined Labeling in WebOffice core Client
Userdefined Labeling in WebOffice core Client
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Use of Esri Print

The tool Esri Print allows the user to create high-quality print documents in various file output formats, sizes and resolutions based on a geoprocessing service. As the executing GP-Service, the service PrintingTool can be used, that is automatically created during the ArcGIS for Server 10.3 installation.

Display of linked objects (Relates) in Maptip

WebOffice 10.3 SP2 clients can now display related objects within the Maptip-window. A special scrolling function allows the users to see more than one related object.

Maptip with related objects
Maptip with related objects
[Click for full view]


Map Widget

Select objects from results of a full-text-search request
Even the WebOffice MapWidget allows a convenient and quick search across multiple layers by using the full-text-search. After activating the tool, the focus is directly on the input field of the full-text-search, for which reason you are able to enter the desired search terms immediately.

WebOffice map widget testcontainer with full-text-search
WebOffice map widget testcontainer with full-text-search
[Click for full view]

User-defined GUI control via CSS

The Design of the MapWidget UI can be customized in a comfortable way by using appropriate CSS-Sheets.

Customized MapWidget UserInterface - using CSS
Customized MapWidget UserInterface - using CSS
[Click for full view]

Display alias names for field names in Maptip

Until recently, the technical field names were always used within the Maptip-window. Now, alias names can be displayed.



Output of user and project for all current sessions

  • Session queries
    • Project (as of today: only for the whole application)
    • Period (as of today: all periods)
  • Sessions results
    • Sorting the columns is supported
    • Additional columns for ‚USER‘, ‚PROJECT‘ (if available)

Use Microsoft Edge Browser

All WebOffice Clients can now be used with Microsofts new Browser.


GEONIS net trace

Support for several result layers in the GEONIS net trace
With the Predefined Net Traces the respective network-IDs and options for net trace (definition of start features, barriers and results) are configured. If more than one net trace is specified, the WebOffice 10.3 SP2 client will provide a value list dialog.



These were the new features in detail. All available features/functions of WebOffice can be found in the WebOffice functionality matrix of this release.


Story Map: Atlas for a changing planet

Published for COP 21 in Paris

[Translate to English:] In Paris, the United nations conference on climate change (COP21/CMP11) has begun. To support that event, Esri has created a Story Map "Atlas for a changing Planet" ... a well-designed and interactive collection of information - with some brilliant Images and Maps!

Story Map COP21 Starting page
[To open the StoryMap, click the Image]

This collection contains maps about climate, landcover, landuse, population, ... and thus is a very good source to use for teaching/education.

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Esri Developer Summit 2016

8th - 11th March 2016, Palm Springs, CA

The global Event with more than 300 TechSessions!



Agenda 2016

Registration now open!


EGU 2016

17th. - 22nd. of April 2016, Vienna, Austria

The EGU General Assembly 2016 will bring together geoscientists from all over the world to one meeting covering all disciplines of the Earth, planetary and space sciences. The EGU aims to provide a forum where scientists, especially early career researchers, can present their work and discuss their ideas with experts in all fields of geoscience. The EGU is looking forward to cordially welcoming you in Vienna.

Esri exhibits at the EGU annual meeting in Vienna




78th EAGE Conference 2016

30.5. - 02. 6. 2016, Vienna, Austria

Oil & Gas Industry Event "Efficient Use of Technology". Esri (booth 2300) and SynerGIS (booth 2302) will be on site.



Esri User Conference 2016

27th of June - 2nd of July 2016 - San Diego, CA, USA

Learn about the most recent and future GIS developments at the Esri User Conference 2016 held from 27th of June - 2nd of July 2016 in San Diego, CA, USA.

  • Call for papers [closed]
  • Registration starts 8th of December!