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ePUG 2014

Industry-meeting Oil & GAS 2014

London is well established - as he place to meet for the "GIS in the oil and gas industry" ... one of the last meetings in the annual cycle ... a seasons final - so to say.

Due to the considerable amount of customers from this industry, comming from Austria, Germany, the US, Romania and some middle eastern countries, SynerGIS with its WebOffice product is a regular geust of this event. This year, the focus is on the new WebOffice core client and WebOffice mobile+ as a mobile offline client for WebOffice. Quite interesting news for customers and prospects alike.

ePUG 2014 will end on Friday, 7th of November ... and then the new findings have to be incuded in the plans for 2015 ...


WebOffice 10.2 SP2

Lots of news - especially for the html client

Because of its many Desktop-like features, the WebOffice html Client is the first choice of many professional users ever since. For these users, there is a number of feature highlights available with this Service Pack:

Support of output type "table" for GeoProcessing Services

The result of a GP-Service can now be returned to a WebOffice 10.2 project as a table - and thus visualized in html Client. The table is displayed similar to a search-result and can be exported to Excel if wanted.

GP Result as table

GP Result as table - Click to enlarge


Support for Reverse Geocoding with the "Identify"-Tool

When defined, this will hand over coordinates of an Identify-klick to the Esri World GeoLocator Service - and return an address.

Reverse Geocoding when using 'Identify'

Reverse Geocoding when using "Identify"- Click to enlarge


Implemented Categories with Print templates and Filters

This feature allows to better structure filters by assigning them to categories that will be visible in the TOC.

Filter categories in WebOffice html Client

Filter categories in WebOffice html Client - Click to enlarge


Categories for print templates

A list of template categories defines with templates are displayed. This allows better and more intuitive structures within the templates available to the end-user.

Print-Template categories in WebOffice html Client 

Print-Template categories in WebOffice html Client - Click to enlarge


Return a candidate list as a result of a Geolocator-Search

Sice 3.0 (= December 2013) the Geolocator-Endpoint-URL supports querying a candidate list. This is now implemented in WebOffice.

Geolocator Search-result candidate list in WebOffice html Client

Geolocator Search-result candidate list in WebOffice html Client - Click to enlarge


Other enhancements ...


The map widget now supports neighborhood-search and buffer analysis

After a query has been processed, the context menu now offers the use of the buffer-Tool. The buffer can be generated on the selected features and repeated even on the previous buffer.

Buffer analysis in WebOffice map widget 

Buffer analysis in WebOffice map widget - Click to enlarge


Select/Search for neighboring features in map widget

WebOffice map widget now supports a neighborhood search along a fixed distance.
This can be useful i.e. when neighboring parcels need to be found and visualized.

Neighborhood Search in WebOffice map widget, this view shows the testcontainer 

Neighborhood Search in WebOffice map widget, this view shows the testcontainer - Click to enlarge


LandingPage now implemented with extended features

A Landing-Page allows you to configure project selection and access to WebOffice 10.2 projects in a fashionable way. Your corporate identity will be reflected, as well as project access and other content (Social media like twitter and facebook), news from rss-feeds and others.

Initial view of Landing-Page – with extensive configuration options 

Initial view of Landing-Page – with extensive configuration options - Click to enlarge


A full list of all features highlighting the new features of this release can be found in the functionality matrix of WebOffice 10.2 SP2.


Lauch at the UC 2014: Esri GeoNet

The place to share, chat, and collaborate on all things geo ...

Where do people meet" in the digital universe when talking "Geo" to ask, answer, discuss, comment, share, search, test, ... ?

On GeoNet!

[Click enlarges]

Your global Account makes you a "member" and there you go. Use what you might call "classical social media" features like  "to like" or "re-post", benefit from powerful search and a structure that lets you quickly get involved where you want to be involved.

GeoNet is a new and convincing Release of all forums, blogs, resources ... dealing with Esri and GIS ... and has caught on considerably already - though only visible for a few hours outside the Esri campus yet. Be a part of it!


Upcoming Training Courses (in english)


Courses in English upon request

Any course can b

By default our standard training courses are offered in German (see list of upcoming trainings here).


All Esri Trainings are readily available in English and our Trainers are fully capable of lecturing in English.
If you are interested in an individual training for your company/project team at our facilities or on-site, please contact us (see below)!

Training courses for SynerGIS products in English might be held in your vicinity in the near future anyway. In case you want to be informed about when and where, leave us a message, please.

If you are interested in any individual training, a Webcast in English for any SynerGIS product or need English materials - let us know!

Please mail all inquiries to wien(at)



Esri European User Conference 2015

14th until 16th of October 2015 - Salzburg, Austria

The Esri European User Conference 2015 will be hosted in Salzburg by Esri Official Distributor SynerGIS.

Main event days will be 14th until 16th of October  - wih Preconference-Seminars on 12th and 13th of October.

More soon ...