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Heartbleed not a serious concern for Esri Users

Esri has published information about the effects for all Esri systems

The OpenSSL-Vulnerability "Heartbleed" got a lot of media attention last week. And it is important to check your systems for any leaks or risks!

Esri uses the OpenSSL-Libraries, and immediately tested all Online-systems and products.

This Knowledge Base Technical Article lists all systems and products and how/if they are affected. Please read this article carefully and act as recommended.

In summary - the risks are minor:

  • Many Esri products and Online systems either do not use OpenSSL or in a way that exposes no risk
  • All Online-Systems have been updated where necessary. Still - changing passwords from time to time is advised
  • The Esri GlobalAccount-Systemis not affected
  • SynerGIS WebOffice does not use OpenSSL

There are explicitely two potential threats mentioned:

  • ArcGIS for Server (Linux), when using Print Services and remote Publishing Services - there is an extra Knowledge Base Artikel (KB 42407) and a Patch is available for this
  • All Web Gateways (NOT Esri Products!), like reverse Proxy Configurations or NAT, that use OpenSSL, have to be checked. Please refer to the information provided by the respective vendor

More Information at


ArcGIS 10.2.2 (en) available for Download

Quality Improvement Release for Desktop/Engine/Server

ArcGIS 10.2.2 is a collection of quality improvement fixes for ArcGIS 10.2.1. The List of issues addressed can be found in this 1022-IssuesAddressedList Document  (en).

There are not only fixes but also new features in ArcGIS 10.2.2. A good compilation can be found in this Blog-entry plus in the Whats new in 10.2.2 section of the help system.

A nice example of instructive content is this 15min Video about offline editing of Server-Server with Collector for ArcGIS.

Download for eligible persons via Esri Inc. Customer Care Portal.

Please be aware, that the potential problems reported for ArcGIS 10.2.1. when using Oracle as a database system also exist for 10.2.2. But for 10.2.2 the Patch has already been made available:

As soon as the patch is available for ArcGIS 10.2.1, we will post another news.


WebOffice available on ArcGIS Marketplace

WebOffice hosting now offered through global Esri solution platform

WebOffice has been available as a hosting solution since the first day. ASP-Servers are being operated by SynerGIS in Austria and AED-SYNERGIS for Germany - Customer data ingested, projects served, maintained and monitored.

Since WebOffice 10.2 in January, this offer has become even more interesting: Because of the tight integration with ArcGIS Online and Portal for ArcGIS. Those building blocks for enterprise solutions target different needs, have some differences in functionality and features - but can be linked and benefit from each other by tying them together using WebOffice.

It is because of this integrational benefits, that under the title of "SaaS - Search across all Systems", the WebOffice Hosting services are now offered via the global ArcGIS Marketplace.

SynerGIS has fullfilled the requirements by Esri Inc. regarding ArcGIS Online integration to be listed on ArcGIS Marketplace. Interoperability and ease-of-use have aroused lots of interest during this years Esri Partner Conference already.

Offerings on ArcGIS Marketplace can only be ordered by Organizations that do have a valid ArcGIS Online subscription. Still anyone can have a look at the WebOffice Entry.

Upcoming Training Courses (in english)


Courses in English upon request

Any course can b

By default our standard training courses are offered in German (see list of upcoming trainings here).


All Esri Trainings are readily available in English and our Trainers are fully capable of lecturing in English.
If you are interested in an individual training for your company/project team at our facilities or on-site, please contact us (see below)!

Training courses for SynerGIS products in English might be held in your vicinity in the near future anyway. In case you want to be informed about when and where, leave us a message, please.

If you are interested in any individual training, a Webcast in English for any SynerGIS product or need English materials - let us know!

Please mail all inquiries to wien(at)



EGU Congress 2014

27th of April -2nd of May 2014 - Austria Center Vienna, AUT

One of the biggest events for the "Geoscience Community" will take place in Vienna again. Esri will be represented by staff from Esri Europe and SynerGIS Vienna.

Find the conference website here


Geospatial World Forum

05. until 09. Mai 2014, Geneva, Switzerland

Esri ist a Co-Sponsor of this event of global importance. There will be several presentations and an exhibition booth. Details here in the program


Esri International User Conference

14th until 18th of July 2014 - Convention Center, San Diego (CA), USA

The motto United We Map

Find the Conference-website here

SynerGIS will be present at this conference - so if you seek contact - let us know!