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tiris Maps 2.0

New version of Tyrolian Mapping-Plattform launched at

The Tyrolian spatial information system called "tiris" offers more than 400 content layers to be used within the different government agencies and (partly) through public services. There you'll find information regarding Agriculture and Forestry, civil engineering, environmental affairs, regional planning, water management plus additional content like addresses, parcels, landuse, transportation, and many more.

Since a few days, tirisMaps2.0 is online, based on ArcGIS for Server by Esri and WebOffice from SynerGIS. Reports are implemented using SynerGIS ePaper. The new version is has extended functionality, content and usability.

States the public announcement of Tyrol (german only): "These services are a valuable contribution towards open government and facilitate open communication about many administrative topics and tasks."

We'd like to congratulate the country, the tiris-Team and Tyrolian DVT on this spanning solution.

Here you can access the Tyrolian Spatial Information System tiris (german only).



EUC 2015 in Salzburg: Submit a presentation now!

Get involved and get active!

Registration of abstracts for EUC 2015 has started!

Now it is time to share your experiences, methodology and results with an international audience and find the ones that work in your field of expertise! Dont miss that chance

Registration via the Esri Inc. Conference website.

Deadline is the 22nd of May.


It's time for some change: WebOffice core Client

First public beta Version coming with WebOffice 10.2 SP3

The numerous "Power-Users" of WebOffice do like the "html Client" ... functionally rich and straight forward to use. But progress in Web technology never sleeps: A new Client for WebOffice, functionally as rich, based on html and JavaScript, too, can be not only different today, but more modern, and more interactive and intuitive to work with.

That's WebOffice core Client! An ADDITIONAL Client, WITHOUT ADDITIONAL COSTS, available in beta with the WebOffice 10.2 SP3 Service Pack, is introduced here in brief.

Core Client screenshot
[Click to enlarge]

See what makes sense ... now

Multi-functional Toolbars are well known from Desktop-Products like MS Office or the new ArcGIS Pro. Those Ribbon Interfaces offer tools the moment they do "make sense" in the context of the task just started. Though the number of tools and the functionality of WebOffice 10.2 SP3 is not going to be less, a GUI based on this principle will appear "less cluttered" and "more clear". Frequently used tools can be added to common toolbars/tabs as favorites.

Ribbon Interface
[Click to enlarge]

The "I want to ..." Quicktools

In each list of requirements, there is a sub-list of frequently used features which need to be at hand quickly. That's exactly what you'll configure into the core Client Quicktools which will be ready for you in the "I want to ..." Box in the upper left corner straight away.

Quicktools in core Client
[Click to enlarge]

Dynamic yet not disturbing - additional tabs

Whenever there is a multitude of logical next activities, additional tabs can be offered by the system. The map will not be cluttered by/hidden behind those choices whenever possible. The user can discard those dynamic groups of functions whenever he/she likes.

Dynamic Tabs
[Click to enlarge]

Right mouse click - context menu

Web-apps today can show a context menu upon right mouse click - enough reason to use it in WebOffice core client!

Context menu after right mouse click
[Click to enlarge]

If only the map counts - maximize!

A view of JUST the map, maximized, is just a single click away with core Client ...

map display maximized
[Click to enlarge]

Project-Center = Views, Bookmarks and more ...

Which Views, Bookmarks, Scales or even other WebOffice Projects are important within the current business process? Those will be made available in a well-structured way in the project-center.

Instant access via Project-Center
[Click to enlarge]

Download-Center = grouped collection of available downloads

WebOffice core Client offers a download section that contains an ordered collection of all downloadable elements. This download center can offer position links, Excel reports, WebOffice ePaper reports, favorites and plot/export results. Throughout the User session of the WebOffice 10.2 SP3 project, these potential downloads will be held.

WebOffice core Client download Center
[Click to enlarge]

First impressions as Video?

Some actions, views and explanations with/about core Client
can be found in this Video [youtube, 5:16 min]. Take the time - invest 5 minutes ...

More news about the Service Pack 3 of WebOffice 10.2?

... can be found in this News-Article


Start using the two clients (html and core) in parallel - do things "as usual" and "the new way". The chance is now and here.

General availability of WebOffice core Client is expected with the 10.3 release.

Upcoming Training Courses (in english)


Courses in English upon request

Any course can b

By default our standard training courses are offered in German (see list of upcoming trainings here).


All Esri Trainings are readily available in English and our Trainers are fully capable of lecturing in English.
If you are interested in an individual training for your company/project team at our facilities or on-site, please contact us (see below)!

Training courses for SynerGIS products in English might be held in your vicinity in the near future anyway. In case you want to be informed about when and where, leave us a message, please.

If you are interested in any individual training, a Webcast in English for any SynerGIS product or need English materials - let us know!

Please mail all inquiries to wien(at)



Esri European User Conference 2015

14th until 16th of October 2015 - Salzburg, Austria

The Esri European User Conference 2015 will be hosted in Salzburg by Esri Official Distributor SynerGIS.

Main event days will be 14th until 16th of October  - with Preconference-Seminars on 12th and 13th of October.

More on the US Web.


Geodesign Summit Europe 2015

12th and 13th of October 2015 - Salzburg, Austria

Geodan, Esri Inc. and the University of Salzburg, supported by Organizer SynerGIS will host this years Geodesign Summit Europe in the same week and at the same location as the Esri European User Conference 2015 - in Salzburg, Austria.

Main event days will be 12th and 13th of October  - with a chance to join the European User Conference afterwards!.

More on the Web ...


Educational User Conference Europe 2015

13th and 14th of October 2015 - Salzburg, Austria

The Educational User Conference Europe 2015 will be held in the same week as the Esri European User Conference 2015 and in the same place - Salzburg!

Main event days will be 13th and 14th of October - the second day offering the chance to visit the Plenary Day at the European Conference.

More has started to be available on the US website.