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Lauch at the UC 2014: Esri GeoNet

The place to share, chat, and collaborate on all things geo ...

Where do people meet" in the digital universe when talking "Geo" to ask, answer, discuss, comment, share, search, test, ... ?

On GeoNet!

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Your global Account makes you a "member" and there you go. Use what you might call "classical social media" features like  "to like" or "re-post", benefit from powerful search and a structure that lets you quickly get involved where you want to be involved.

GeoNet is a new and convincing Release of all forums, blogs, resources ... dealing with Esri and GIS ... and has caught on considerably already - though only visible for a few hours outside the Esri campus yet. Be a part of it!



Jack Dangermond answers your questions

Before UC 2014: Q&A document online

Long before every UC, many of you are invited by mail to participate in a questionaire by Esri Inc. Your answers help Esri to adjust directions ... and result in new questions.

Its the privilege of Jack Dangermond, President and founder of Esri Inc. to answer those questions - in detail - very considerate and concise.

The results are published a few days prior the annual UC - those who got the survey also got the mail to announce this Q&A document.

Here you'll find the online version of Jack Dangermonds answers 2014 - with many hints about the future of our industry and Esri products.


Story Map: "Places to eat in San Diego"

As a UC planner ... or your next holidays ???

Ruppert Essinger of Esri Inc. compiled a Story Map showing recommended/popular/known restaurants in San Diego - recently updated for this years UC 2014.

A Click on the image will get you there ... to the story map, not San Diego - but maybe this is more of a planner for your next holiday trip?


Upcoming Training Courses (in english)


Courses in English upon request

Any course can b

By default our standard training courses are offered in German (see list of upcoming trainings here).


All Esri Trainings are readily available in English and our Trainers are fully capable of lecturing in English.
If you are interested in an individual training for your company/project team at our facilities or on-site, please contact us (see below)!

Training courses for SynerGIS products in English might be held in your vicinity in the near future anyway. In case you want to be informed about when and where, leave us a message, please.

If you are interested in any individual training, a Webcast in English for any SynerGIS product or need English materials - let us know!

Please mail all inquiries to wien(at)



Esri European User Conference

11th until 15th of October 2014 - Split, Croatia

This years european User conference will be held near Split, Croatia

Find the Conference-website here

The abstract submission deadline is June 30th